Excellent, you are up and running

We have some questions for you before getting started.

Coding Language

Do you know what coding language the website is built in?

We specialize in the following:

+ LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
+ Java
+ Cordova - Javascript / HTML5 based
+ CSS3

How do I know what language?

Good question, here are list of file endings and languages.

*.php => PHP
*.jsp => Java
*.java => Java
*.html => HTML
*.htm => HTML
*.js => Javascript

Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento are all PHP

If you don't know, don't care. We will find it for you.

Developer issues

We have had instances where a customers developer left or could not complete the task at hand. We understand the frustration and stress that causes. We get quite a few jobs where we need to solve the issue quickly, if this is the case give us a call and let us know it is time sensitive.

One time fix?

Is this a one-time fix or do you envision on-going updates in the future? If you so we would suggest viewing “Need ongoing support” as well.


Here are some of the task we take on:

+ Web page is broken - track down and fix
+ Ecommerce - A variety of issues can occur
+ Add additional functionality
++ Create custom plugin
++ Add new section to website
++ Add tracking snippets
++ Add or update products
+ Replace text and images
+ Update sliders / banners
+ Cleanup design, better user flow

Web Tech Studio