Ready to get started?

You can fast forward we will walk you through the steps.

Things to think about

How well do you know your market? We really need to think about marketing as well, it would be a disservice to create website and then try to patch on a marketing plan after. So we will need to discuss both so they work together to give a cohesive web presence.

A few questions

Are we coming up with an all encompassing plan or do want us to do specific parts?

Do you currently have an ongoing marketing campaign if not you will need a plan, yes?

Will it mainly be used on mobile devices, would an app suite you better?

What to do hope to achieve from this new web presence?

We are not looking to overwhelm you though these and more do need to be addressed to get most out of this. Now that we have you thinking take some time and really think about your overall goal.

What about design

Do you have a designer or theme in mind? If so great, otherwise we create a look and feel that is both beautiful and psychologically strategic so the customer is guided to destination you want.


As far as the development goes, we will use whatever technology that will achieve your end goals. We are hesitant to give you any specifics until we know some specifics about your project. Though we focus on PHP, Java and Cordova based applications.

Let’s talk hosting for a moment

Making sure your hosting will grow with you, should taken into consideration from the beginning. Not just component and bandwidth scaling, but the ability to add custom server scripts to automate processes. Such as running scripts to process nightly jobs or scanning logs for user trends. We prefer to use VPS hosting providers as it gives us the freedom to create whatever we need as your site grows.
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